Chess Variants at Chess4Fun festival in Sardinia
Thursday, 21 August 2014 09:12

Basque Chess was introduced in San Sebastian in December 2011/12. You play two games at the same time against the same opponent, one with white and one with black. This cuts out the colour advantage or disadvantage, and it reduces the idle time of waiting for your opponent´s moves. Virtually all participants liked and praised the format back then. Basque Chess was also part of the Sport Accord World Mind Games in Bejing in December 2013. Yet you cannot find open tournaments for Basque Chess.

The Chess4Fun-Festival provides a rare opportunity. It starts with a Basque Chess rapid to get used to the format, followed by five daily rounds (5-9 October). A guaranteed €1000 first prize makes sure that strong amateurs will show up. The festival also offers Bughouse (10 October), Chess960 (11 October) and chess action on several evenings.

The Club Hotel Ancora in the pretty Sardinian resort village of Stintino provides the unique setting, which is unusually family-friendly for a chess event. Early October is great for swimming and beach life, and there are low cost flights to nearby Alghero. For the adventure loving chess player this is great value for money and could be the perfect chess holiday.

Chess4Fun Festival Stintino (Italy) 4 – 11 October 2014
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