Before I made the announcement to run for the Executive Board election, many good friends warned me about how dirty and nasty chess politics can be. Many chess politicians do not want to get their hands dirty so they do the dirty deeds anonymously or have other people doing the dirty works for them. What are they?

– Spreading vicious lies, misinformation, confidential information and dirt to harm anyone standing in the way of their pseudo power!

This has been the tradition for years. Instead of doing the right things to help US Chess and the USCF, they focus on destroying their opponents. Because of this kind of disgusting practices, many good people decided to stay away from the USCF instead of helping. This federation lost countless sponsors and supporters for the same reason.

In the last delegates meeting, it was told to the members that the USCF tried to give away FREE ad space to various large reputable companies only to have them turn down the FREE ads? Why? Because these companies did not want to get involved with the USCF! And yet our chess politicians continue their “business as usual” way instead of fixing the real problems.

Knowing this, I decided to set up traps to see things with my own eyes. I asked my business manager, other friends and I even took part in the tests. A number of us engaged in various conversations, discussions and asking questions to some particular individuals. No one else could possibly even know about these topics.

Guess what? Within a few days, the information we sent out in this test ended up on various chess forums, including the USCF forum. The worst part is various supposedly “confidential” information was leaked to some people who have a long history of lies and deceit. These are some of the same people who have been posting garbage as anonymous on my blog.

Welcome to the world USCF destructive politics!

I am not interested in the “gotcha” game. I am not interested in taking part in the long time feud between chess political parties. I am not interested in wasting time going backward. I am only interested in making sure that US Chess and the USCF will grow and prosper.

There are too many problems with the USCF. This federation has lost a lot of credibility in recent years. The level of destructive politics has risen to an all time high. We lost a lot of good supporters and potential sponsors because of incompetence and unprofessionalism. We have various membership groups going against each other instead of working together for the benefits of chess and this federation. The level of bureaucracy and inefficiency is unacceptable.

This is the question you have to ask yourself. What is in the best interest of US Chess and the USCF? Do you want to continue having the same old thing or have you had it and want positive changes now? Do you want to see this kind of corruption and destruction continue?

If you are happy with how the USCF is in recent years then vote for the same chess politicians and do not vote for me or the people I recommend. We do not like the state of the USCF and we want to change things for the better. USCF members will have a choice.

I will not discuss much more about the upcoming USCF election until after the new year when I know exactly who is running. At that time, I can tell you a lot more about what is going on. As of now, I have completed my election petition and I will send it to the USCF in the next few days. I am moving forward with this. The more lies and destructive politics I see, the more motivated I will be to make positive changes.
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