Chess lessons to be added to national curriculum in Kurdistan
10.02.2014 15:16

Kurdo Shaban
BasNews, Erbil

Kurdistan Education Ministry plans to add Chess to the national school curriculum. Initially the program will only be implemented in the Kurdish capital, Erbil, and then expand to the rest of the region.

The General Director of the Education Ministry, Burhan Abdullah Argoshi, told a local newspaper that the Khanzad Chess Club had officially requested that the Ministry of Education add Chess to the curriculum and it was accepted.

“At first, Chess will only be added to some schools in Erbil, particularly those with high scores in maths, their students will be trained by the Khanzad Chess Club. If the program turns out to be a success, then it will be added to the curriculum in all schools in the Kurdistan Region,” said Argoshi.

Argoshi explained that the director of sports is leading the plan and making preparations for it. “Soon, Chess will be seen as a practical lesson in Erbil’s schools,” concluded Argoshi.


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