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I’ve been an avid follower of chess, a player for more than 30 years, and a current member of the United States Chess Federation. I’ve played thousands of games. These games have consisted of tournament games, casual games, online games, computer games, and the study of master games. I am also an Affiliate member of ChessCentral.

I’ve taught all my children (Tina, Tashia, Michael, Jelani) to play the game at a very young age. My daughter Tina even competed in a Chess Tournament at our local YMCA when she was 13 and recieved the second place prize. I was very proud of her that day.

Jelani, my youngest, could name and place all the pieces on the board when he was two years old. Tashia and Michael could also play the game well. Sorry to say, my children’s enthusiasm for the game did not continue like their dad’s, but the knowledge of the game is still with them.

With the help of Site Build It, I am able to try and give something back to the game I love. In a way, I think my chess life is a bit like the great American chess master Frank Marshall because, “I don’t think there has been a day when I haven’t played at least one game of chess”. I love the game!

Enjoy the site, and thanks for visiting!
Kevin Penny

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