Chess Queen gives lecture at Peking University 

Besides being a freshman at the School of International Studies at Peking University, 18-year-old chess world champion Hou Yifan has also become an assistant teacher. 

After being invited by Li Xiaopeng, president of Peking University’s Chess Association, Hou gave a one-hour lecture to about 80 students on Tuesday afternoon about the finer points of the board game. 

The topic of her lecture was the analysis of famous chess matches and the development of chess at Peking University. 

“I am very satisfied with her lecture. I thought it was too professional to fully understand, but it was excellent. I hope there will be another opportunity to have her address us here,” said Li. 

“People from our university want to come see her because of her talent in chess.” 

Having been at school for two weeks, Hou said she had found a balance between study and playing chess. She also stressed she received no special treatment at school. 

“I don’t have any special privileges, except attendance at classes is flexible for chess games,” said Hou. 

Source: China Daily

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