As I mentioned in one of my earlier posts, yesterday I was on NY1 TV, a big local TV station, to promote the benefits of chess for girls ( I was also recently on CBS TV in New York to promote the benefits of chess for young people ( Afew weeks ago, New York Newsday did a 4 page feature story with me in their Sunday Edition ( about my mission to promote chess, followed by a story in the New York Times the weekend after.

This morning, Penthouse Magazine and PR Newswire published this Press Release to promote Russia’s Kournikova of chess, Alexandra Kosteniuk.

April 13 / PRNewswire, 6:00 am ET – Penthouse Media Group Inc

The May 2006 Penthouse issue is currently on sale at newsstands. The new edition features sizzling centerfolds, including May Pet and Illinois native Nevaeh and BrittneySkye, the blonde bombshell who teased millions of viewers by streaking at the U.S. Open in 2003.

CHECK MATE: Alexandra Kosteniuk is the current women’s Chess vice-champion of the world and in the May issue of Penthouse, interviewer Dave Hollander finds out that this “Anna Kournikova of chess” brings more to the table than just her ethereal beauty. A ruthless and competitive opponent, Alexandra has all the right moves and unlike Anna, she plays to win and not to just look good while she’s doing it…

Personally, I do not read Penthouse and I would not buy it. I think it is degrading to women. However, we live in a free society and I believe that Alexandra can do what she wishes. It is her life and no one can tell her what to or not to do.

Do I approve of this type of promotion? Do I think that it is good for women’s chess? Do I think that it is a positive influence for younger players? I would reserve my opinion about this promotional scheme. But the forum is yours.

What is your opinion?

* Does appearing (in the form of interview) in Penthouse help promote chess for women and young girls?
* What about other female players who went even further by appearing nude / nearly nude in some men’s magazines?
* Is this type of chess promotion good for chess overall?

I encourage good and fair debates or discussions. However, please keep things clean and no personal insults or attacks. Please give everyone, especially Alexandra Kosteniuk, the proper respect. Thanks! Posted by Picasa

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