The Ruy Lopez tournament is held annually at Zafra, Spain. This year it was held June 13-19. The tournament honors the Spanish cleric Rodrigo Lopez de Segura (1540-1580). Lopez was born in Zafra and was bishop of Segura. He was generally thought to be the strongest player of his time.

In this tournament Michael Adams is upset in the first round by the young (20) IM David Larino, the current Spanish champion. In the exchange variation of the Ruy Lopez, Adams suffers an early inferior position and has to surrender a pawn.

Nevertheless, Adams sets up a defensive position with his minor pieces that appears to be impenetrable. In such situations, there are always weak spots, and Larino, in no hurry to make a premature attack, was able to find them. The tourney was won by Ivan Cheparinov of Bulgaria, a half a point ahead of Adams.

Here is the full analysis of the game.

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