Kevin Kline Turns French… For Real This Time
Posted Mar 30th 2008 11:02AM by Monika Bartyzel

Time really does fly. It has been thirteen years since Kevin Kline wooed Meg Ryan in French Kiss, where he got to play a theiving French man who could teach someone to pull out the complex flavors in wine in seconds. It’s not Shakespeare, or storms of ice, but it has its moments. And now, he gets to play a French man for real — in French! The Hollywood Reporter posts that Kline has signed on for his first French speaking role in Caroline Bottaro’s drama Queen to Play (Joueuse).

This is the chess film I blogged about back in November, which focuses on “a hotel chambermaid who develops an obsession for chess.” Bruno Ganz was attached, but now it looks like he is out. Instead, Klein will be rejoined by his Anniversary Party co-star Jennifer Beals, plus Sandrine Bonnaire and Francis Renaud. Bonnaire will play the chambermaid who is “captivated by a romantic couple (Beals and Renaud) playing chess while staying at the Mediterranean island hotel where she works. The doctor (Kline) whose house she cleans reluctantly becomes her mentor in the game, leading her to a chess tournament and initiating major transformations in her life.”

Here is the full article.

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