Must read comments!
It has been over 24 hours since I posted my article about “Why is there a need for Girl’s or Women’s Tournaments?”
Between my website and various social media outlets, this article has reached well over 200,000 readers. Many made comments in the comment sections, in private messages, email, and tweets, etc. While the overwhelming majority were very supportive and understanding, some comments were eye openers. Here are just a few of the best ones:

– Why is it a problem if some girls are sexually harassed by male players at tournaments? It will make them stronger to deal with the real world.

– …shielding girls from the realities of the world isn’t the way to improve the conditions. What this does is subconsciously reinforce the notion that they are somehow inferior.

– If the girls didn’t provoke first, there would be no problem at all.

– If you have Girl or Women’s tournaments that exclude men, then shouldn’t you have Men’s tournaments that exclude women?

– Oooh, you’re so pretty. Are you married?

– If girls can’t deal with the reality of chess, maybe they could try something less challenging?

– Get a grip. Girls won’t ever be as good as boys.

– It’s good to have more girls in chess, especially the pretty ones.

– Chess is a men’s sport. You can’t change the fact.

– Girls are surely seeking attention when they go to chess tournaments. What do they expect?

– Why do you always wanna to rock the boat? Why can’t you accept it?

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