Chess in Guyana is no longer a dead sport
By Stabroek staff
Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Dear Editor,

Quite recently, we have witnessed a somewhat renewed interest in the administration of the game of chess. Returning from a comatose state, the game is becoming more popular and a contentious topic of conversation in some quarters. The executives of the Chess Federation have taken up a challenge to attract and nurture young players from beginner status in many cases, and simultaneously spread the game in and out of Georgetown.

Coupled with that, the local body has undertaken regular housekeeping – regular elections and regular audits of its finances as well as raising funds to honour its financial obligations with FIDE (World Chess Federation). In fact, since the collapse of the sport in the late 1980s, the world body granted a waiver to the Guyana Federation in 2008 for fees owed for over 20 years. The local body has thus far remained up to date with its financial obligations to FIDE. Chess in Guyana is no longer a dead sport.

A few individuals, by giving voluntary service have undertaken to steer the game back to popularity. Along with that, the pundits, critics and relics have sprung back to life. Chess is a minority sport and we constantly seek majority participation. The sponsors have and continue to lead the way as the Federation works to ensure majority participation. The game is not known to generate huge receipts as in cricket and football. Chess is richer than cash, and many of its disciples know the game itself offers rewards to the intellect, a kind of pleasure money cannot buy.

Ours is a daunting task, and requires that along with others we have a genuine vision to re-establish the relevance of the sport, lest we once again become irrelevant and fossilized. A few days ago, the Guyana Chess Federation won the vote for Most Improved Association upon review by a panel of judges of its submission for the 2012 National Sports Awards. So far, so good!

Yours faithfully,
Shiv Nandalall
Guyana Chess Federation


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