‘Introduce chess in college curriculum too’
TNN | Jan 11, 2012, 01.54PM IST

HUBLI: Taking a cue from Tamil Nadu and Gujrat governments that have included chess in the school syllabus, Karnataka too is planning to make the game compulsory in schools. This model is widely prevalent in the Soviet bloc where many of the chess champions of the day have had a formal training in state-sponsored academies.

Primary and secondary education minister Visveshwara Hegde Kageri recently said that the state government is considering incorporating chess in school curriculum as it improves cognitive skills among children. The move also aims at popularizing the game and churning out good players, catching them young.

To elicit the views of college students on making chess part of formal education, The Times of India visited the KLE society IMSR College. Speaking to TOI, MBA students welcomed the idea and said chess should be introduced in colleges too.

Abhishek Mane said chess should not be restricted to schools. The game should be made mandatory in colleges also. Chess enhances concentration power and develops competitive spirit among students. It will boost their self confidence and strengthen decision making power.

Hailing the decision of Tamil Nadu and Gujrat governments to incorporate the brain-twisting game in schools, Sweta said, “Chess makes us think logically and helps in decision making — the traits that are essential in studies and career. Indoor games like chess will help reduce stress levels among students.”

Chess increases concentration, memory power, decision taking abilities, reasoning power, critical thinking and develops a state of mind wherein victory and defeat are accepted with equal spirit, felt Pooja Tenginkai.

Sunaina Malgund said students these days are hooked to computers, surfing the net and playing video games. Chess will make an interesting and in fact a better alternative and enhance analytical skills among the youth. Hence the game should be made compulsory in schools as well as colleges. Echoing her views, Mohammad Ashraf said the Karnataka government should go ahead and introduce the game in school and college curriculum.

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