London Chess Classic Analysis

Carlsen makes history

12:54PM GMT 12 Dec 2012

Magnus Carlsen has made chess history twice at the London Chess Classic. He became the youngest player to top the rating list here in 2009 and he surpassed Garry Kasparov’s all-time high rating of 2851 while completing his third tournament victory. At the end of the 4th London Chess Classic Carlsen’s rating had risen to 2861.4. 

I presented the winner’s trophy to Magnus at the closing dinner held at Simpson’s-in-the-Strand on Monday night. I was delighted to read out the following note from Garry Kasparov: 

“My congratulations to Magnus Carlsen for winning the London Chess Classic and for becoming the highest-rated chess player in the history of our game. 13 was always my number; born on the 13th and the 13th world champion, so it seems fitting that my record lasted 13 years! No one who has followed Magnus’s career can be surprised that he is the one to break it. He did it in fine style in London, showing both brilliance and tenacity. 

Magnus Carlsen is now making history instead of competing with history. He has the character and talent to take on that challenge and to use it to make himself even better. I look forward to following his achievements for many years to come.” 

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