Ivanchuk finishes 4-2 against Sutovsky

It was a wild third round tiebreaker yesterday, as quite a few matches went into double, triple, or even quadruple overtime. Vassily Ivanchuk cruised through rounds 1 and 2 of the world cup with solid 2-0 and 1.5-.5 victories, however he came up against a very determined Emil Sutovsky in round 3. Sutovsky immediately put the pressure on Ivanchuk by winning game 1 however the fearless Ukranian played an exceptionally complicated Pirc to counterattack and even the score 1-1. Ivanchuk went back to the Pirc for game 1 of the tiebreaker and scored another solid victory as Sutovsky underestimated the speed of black’s attack on the h-file. In game 2 of the tiebreaker Ivanchuk played aggressively against Sutovsky’s Grunfeld a double-edged game arose, however Ivanchuk came out ahead after a gutsy exchange sac and won the match 4-2.

Ivanchuk Vs Sutovsky: Final Position after 37. Nc8!

Kamsky defeats Nepomniatchi – Only American left in the cup

Gata Kamsky showed his iron will in a fantastic 4 game match against Ian Nepomniachtchi – winning the 1st game only to have Nepomniachtchi claw his way back to even the score in regulation time 1-1. Kamsky did not let this setback affect his nerves and scored a monstrous win in game 1 of the tiebreaker with a crushing exchange sac against an unsuspecting Nepomniachtchi. In game 2 of their tiebreaker Nepomniachtchi attempted to take Kamsky out of preparation and played an eccentric double-fianchetto that resulted in a position similar to many lines in the Ruy Lopez. Kamsky played accurately and achieved a lasting positional advantage that transformed into a large material advantage – forcing Nepomniachtchi to resign in 52 moves.

Nepomniachtchi Vs Kamsky: Position before Kamsky Sacs the Exchange with 26. …Rxe3!

Going into Round 4 – Survival of the fittest!

Cuban GM Leinier Dominguez played an incredibly long match against Russian GM Igor Lysyj. The match started with Dominguez winning the first game in regulation time, and Lysyj fighting back to win the second game and stay alive. 6 consecutive draws ensued, forcing Dominguez to win the Armageddon playoff in convincing fashion. Also of note in yesterday’s play, it seemed that the young star Fabiano Caruana suffered from a breakdown of nerves as he lost both tiebreaker games to allow a determined Svidler to advance to round 4. The round 4 pairings promise some very exciting chess as every player left standing has defeated three other very strong opponents to make it this far.

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