The Team Chess Championship Croatian Cup 2014 took place from 14th to 18th May, 2014 at Bluesun Hotels & Resorts in the town of Bol on Island Brac, Croatia.

The event was organized by the Croatian Chess Federation in collaboration with Bluesun Hotels & Resorts in 6 rounds with time control 90 minutes for 40 moves plus 30 minutes per player for the rest of the game plus 30 seconds per move starting from move 1.

The top seed team of Zagreb (Zagreb) emerged clear winner with 10,0/12 match points points, a full point ahead of the nearest followers. Members of the gold medalist were: GM Mladen Palac 2569, the former European champion GM Zdenko Kozul 2595, GM Ante Saric 2528 and GM Robert Zelcic 2542.

Second place was shared in a 3-way tie by the clubs of Liburnija (Rijeka), Djakovo-Lommont (Djakovo) and Vinkovci (Vinkovci) with 9 points each.

Liburnija (Rijeka) took silver medal on superior tie-break score, while Djakovo-Limmont (Djakovo) remained third.

The silver team consisted of 4 Grandmasters: Robert Markus (2609), Davorin Kuljasevic (2560), Zoran Jovanovic(2546) and Ognjen Jovanic (2512), while members of Djakovo (Djakovo) were GM Hrvoje Stevic (2613), GM Miso Cebalo (2423), IM Rudolf Sertic (2341) and FM Drago Vargic (2315).

The top three teams were awarded 18 000 HRK, 12 000 HRK, and 6 000 HRK respectively.

Replay the games with triple engine analysis or visit the official website.

Final standings:

1 ZAGREB Zagreb 10
2 LIBURNIJA Rijeka 9
4 VINKOVCI Vinkovci 9
5 BRDA Split 8
6 RIJEKA Rijeka 7
7 DUBROVNIK Dubrovnik 7
8 VARAŽDIN Varaždin 7
9 PODRAVKA Koprivnica 7
10 SOLIN – CEMEX Solin 7

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