Carissa Yip, 10, of Chelmsford did go 7-0 in the Wachusett Chess Club championship at Fitchburg State University, and edged to within several dozen rating points of master. Meanwhile in the consolation, Roger Cappallo, noted radio astronomer from Groton, won his first six games to clinch that title. Full results

Last week young players helped promote the Congressional Chess Caucus in Washington, D.C., but it just happened that the promotion of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) coincided with the 2014 U.S. Junior Closed event in St. Louis, where Sam Sevian, 13, of Southbridge is second seed in the 10-player round robin that began Friday and continues through next Sunday. View Sam in D.C., or view any rated results

Sevian has a year and a half to net his third grandmaster norm and become the youngest so far to gain that honor, something to think about when you consider that his family has chosen Central Mass. as their home. The top-rated seed is Kayden Troff, 16, of Utah, also the only participant who has the GM title.

Carmine L. Puzo, 72, one of the most enthusiastic amateur club players of the 1960s to 1980s, died June 12 after a long battle with cancer. He spent 37 years working for Smith Valve Co., one of the companies in Worcester’s commercial league. He also fielded teams such as “Puzo’s Performers” in the Worcester Met League during the years when Barry Spiegel (1948-92) presided over the Friday night matches at Clark University and Worcester State University.

How close is John Curdo of Auburn in winning (or tying for first) in 900 chess events since 1948? Remarkably close: John has to win just four more events to set this awesome mark in his long career. Asked about his plans for another book, Curdo revealed that some of his fans from the Metrowest area will at some point offer them as a collection online or via an e-book to mark that 900th win, including 16 Massachusetts Open titles, mostly between 1948 and the 1970s.

We correct any impression from last week that Harold Dondis was driving around at age 91, when we meant to say that the 50-year Boston Globe columnist is at live OTB events when driven by Chris Chase, his writing partner at the Globe. Previously, John Curdo and Patrick Wolff were longtime game analysts with Dondis. Globe chess is Monday and Saturday, and a daily puzzle by Shelby Lyman appears six days a week in the G section.


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