Chess Buses

Preparations for the 42nd World Chess Olympiad in Baku are powering ahead. In addition to preparations for the event proper, the Operating Committee of the Olympiad is taking important steps to promote chess. One of such steps has been the launch of chess buses. The Baku Chess Olympiad Operating Committee has branded two buses of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in the run-up to the Olympiad and put them into operation in the capital. The double-deck buses will take passengers to the best sights of Baku and promote chess. The buses will operate free of charge. Those on the bus will have the chance to play chess and obtain information about the 42nd World Chess Olympiad in Baku.

Attending the launch ceremony of chess buses were the director of the Baku Chess Olympiad Operating Committee, Mahir Mammedov, leading members of the national team, and volunteers. Members of the national team played chess on the bus.

Then the chess buses started their first journey.

The chess buses will operate until 14 September.

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