All 7 finalists have been posted on There was supposed to be only 5 finalists. However, there were ties for the 5th through 7th spot. I listed all 7 by random orders.

You can vote by adding your comment in the forum or by sending me an email at Please vote for the top 3 which you like the most.

1st place vote = 5 points
2nd place vote = 3 points
3rd place vote = 1 point

The Chess Art with the most points will win First Place ($150 in chess prizes). 2nd place will receive $100 in chess prizes and 3rd place will receive $50 in chess prizes.

The voting will end on midnight January 21, 2008.

To avoid multiple votes, the voting are done on the forum or via email directly to me. If you are not a member of the forum, you can register for a FREE account. The process will take about 30 seconds or so.

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