The US Open is one the biggest and most prestigious Golf tournaments in the world. The event started today at Oakmont. Jeev Milkha Singh, one of the participants, is comparing his approach to this US Open to chess. Here is the story:

Thu 14 Jun 2007

Singh adopts chess strategy for Oakmont

INDIA’S Jeev Milkha Singh is approaching this week’s US Open with the precision and calculation of a chess grandmaster. Oakmont Country Club is widely regarded as one of golf’s toughest venues and Singh knows patience will be a prized commodity.

“I’ve heard so much about Oakmont and I’ve experienced it now in practice,” the 35-year-old from Chandigarh said. “One of the members came up to me the other day and said: ‘Singh, have you ever played chess?’ And I said: ‘Yes I have’.

“And he said: ‘That’s the way you play this golf course. You’ve got to check every move that you make.’

Here is the full article.

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