Chess: #2 in popularity behind Tetris and ahead of Jeopardy!

Puzzle and strategy games such as Tetris lead the way in the mobile gaming sector, accounting for a third of revenue.

Four out of the top five revenue generating mobile games fall into this category. And it’s the cream of the crop that brings in the money, the top 30 games bringing in 80 percent of the mobile gaming sector’s revenue according to research by mobile analyst Telephia.

The figures show that consumers paid $3.86 on average per mobile game. Action games don’t seem to get a look in with the top ten games being made up of puzzle/strategy titles alongside card/casino and trivia/word quizzes.”

Telephia’s measurement of mobile game sales at the title level shows very rapid growth in demand and frequent swings in consumer preferences,” said Kanishka Agarwal, Vice President of Mobile Content, Telephia. “As in other media and entertainment categories, the mobile game business is fuelled by a relatively small group of hit titles that generate a large portion of total revenue.”

Jamdat’s Tetris is currently the most popular mobile game according to Telephia with 7.9 percent of the market, followed closely by Penultimate’s Chess 2.0 (6.3 percent) and Sony Pictures Mobile’s Jeaopardy! 2005 (6.2 percent). Posted by Picasa

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