The 90th Argentinian Absolute Final Chess Championship is taking place from September 30 to October 14, 2015, in Villa Martelli, Buenos Aires.

The event is a 13-round closed tournament with the participation of: GM Mareco Sandro 2599, GM Felgaer Ruben 2570, GM Flores Diego 2568, GM Peralta Fernando 2560, GM Obregon Andres Carlos 2537, IM Pichot Alan 2528, GM Alonso Salvador 2501, GM Valerga Diego 2481, IM Krysa Leandro 2464, IM Real De Azua Ernesto 2448, IM Dolezal Cristian 2439, GM Slipak Sergio 2436, CM Sosa Tomas 2390 and IM De Dovitiis Alejo 2353.

Standings and statistics

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