Cento Open Round Three
Junior Guido Caprio claims another Grandmaster scalp

The 16-years old Guido Caprio continues to collect Grandmaster trophies as today he beat GM Igor Naumkin, winner of the 1st Livigno Open, with black pieces in the third round of the Cento Carnival Open. The modest junior, who also defeated GM Brunello yesterday, carried a huge grin on his face but hesitated to boast further by commenting on the game.

Another great result also for the 14-years old Federico Boscolo who held IM Daniyyl Dvirnyy to a draw.

The Caro-Kann fared very well today, as Grandmasters Alexey Dreev and Elina Danielan used it as Black to win their games. They are joined in the lead by GM Oleg Romanishin, with another trademarked Catalan victory, GM Ivan Sokolov, GM Alberto David, IM Federico Manca, who beat GM Roland Salvador in a wild game, Guido Caprio and GM Manuel Leon Hoyos.

Once again IM Martha Fierro was the last to finish her game, after six hours of intense struggle against GM Milan Drasko. She emerged better from the opening, but the Grandmaster handled the position with the opposite-coloured Bishops very well and the play eventually transposed into the infamous Rook versus Rook+Bishop endgame.

Fierro managed to save the draw, and Drasko commented that the result was probably fair. He was an inch away from winning this endgame, but he was more critical about the flaw in his opening preparation, which dragged him into an inferior position.

Top round 4 pairings:

GM Aleksey Dreev (3.0) – GM Oleg Romanishin (3.0)
GM Elina Danielian (3.0) – GM Ivan Sokolov (3.0)
GM Alberto David (3.0) – IM Federico Manca (3.0)
Guido Caprio (3.0) – GM Manuel Leon Hoyos (3.0)
GM Aleksander Delchev (2.5) – IM Daniyyl Dvirnyy (2.5)
IM Roberto Mogranzini (2.5) – GM Oleg Korneev (2.5)
IM Simon T Ansell (2.5) – IM Fabio Bruno (2.5)
Federico Boscolo (2.5) – GM Eduardas Rozentalis (2.0)

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