By Shelby Lyman
Saturday December 22, 2012 7:59 AM
Magnus Carlsen, the highest-rated player in the world at 22, continues his spellbinding climb.

The latest addition to his chess crown is a victory in the 2012 London Classic.

Among his eight elite opponents were current world champion Viswanathan Anand, former champion Vladimir Kramnik and second-ranked Levon Aronian.

A win in a super tournament is always an event to be celebrated even for a player as transcendent as Carlsen. But this victory was extra special: It boosted his rating to 2861, the highest individual rating in chess history.

The record tops the 13-year-old milestone of 2851 set by Garry Kasparov at age 36.

Carlsen has a rare intuitive sense that guides him quickly to a superior move.

His hunger for battle is probably his greatest weapon. Carlsen plays until the last iota of tension is drained from the board.

He often welcomes inferior positions if they offer the possibility of victory.

It was said that Bobby Fischer would play to the naked kings.

Indeed, in a recent game, only the kings remained when Carlsen reached across the table to Anand with a concluding offering of his hand.


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