15.08.2010 Kiev, Ukraine

Press release

Concerning the proposal to organize the Candidates Matches in Kiev

Recently there was an animated discussion in the media of the proposal by the FIDE presidential candidate Anatoly Karpov to move the Candidates matches to Kiev (e.g. “Karpov proposes Kiev for Candidates matches”, 13.08.2010, at ChessBase.com http://chessbase.com/newsdetail.asp?newsid=6602)

In response to the proposal by Anatoly Karpov the Ukrainian Chess Federation (UCF) would like to note the following:

1) It is possible to organize the Candidates matches that are a consistent part of the World Chess Championship cycle in Kiev in 2011. The UCF is ready to guarantee a prize fund of EUR 500 000 for the event, as well as organizational facilities at the highest level, taking into account all necessary financial and other conditions. The UCF is also ready to review other formats for the Candidates matches, including an increase in the number of games in the matches, and an increase of the time period between the main matches and the final match.

2) The UCF would like to draw attention to the fact that after the contract with the organizers from Azerbaijan was signed there was no official announcement from FIDE that due to organizational problems a new tender or selection procedure for organizing the Candidates matches was opened. Without the announcement of a new tender the sudden news that the matches are to be moved to Kazan, only because the Russian Chess Federation made such a proposition, causes concern about whether FIDE is paying attention to the principles of “One Federation – One Vote” and “Gens Una Sumus”.

In case FIDE has decided that the contract with the organizers from Azerbaijan for the Candidates matches should be cancelled, then it is necessary to announce a new selection procedure, whereby all potential organizers, including the RCF and the UCF, would have the right to participate.

3) After an analysis of the current situation and the general development in the past years, the UCF express disquiet that many important changes within the chess world are conducted without a proper public discussion of possible variants. International experts have no chance to meet regularly in order to discuss the topical questions, and the possibility for informal discussion during Chess Olympiads once in two years is limited, due to political and sporting pressure during the event.

There is a need to organize a so-called “Chess Davos” – an informal annual gathering. Such a forum should be apolitical, and its main goal should be to involve into the chess development process representatives of the chess community from different countries, such as representatives of federations, delegates, chess players, journalists, activists, trainers, arbiters, as well as other professionals who are fond of the game of chess.

The Ukrainian Chess Federation expresses confidence that arranging a “Chess Davos” will help to minimize the number of contentious events in the chess world. The UCF is ready to take upon itself the organization and the essential financial part for such regular discussions.

In order for such discussions to be successful one needs to understand the opinion of chess community. For this purpose the UCF will conduct an opinion poll and address all parties interested in chess development to take part. The questionnaire will be send out to the key persons of the chess community via email and fax.

President Viktor Kapustin

Annex: Questionnaire (1 page)

Please, fill out the questionnaire and send it to forum@marketingchess.com or fax +38-044-279-29-33 (for Olena Boytsun)

1. Do you think that it is necessary and useful to conduct an annual informal chess forum (“Chess Davos”)?
Your choice:

2. What are the main subjects that should be discussed at the chess forum besides an informal program? (you can choose multiple options)
Chess in schools
Chess and financial questions
Marketing and PR for chess
Chess and new technology
The World Chess Championship cycle
Development of the chess rules
Your suggestion:

3. Would you like to take part at the informal chess forum in Kiev (Ukraine)?

4. What month of the year, in your opinion, would suit the best for the organization of the event?

Your name:
Your country:
Your chess background:

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