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In a major event in chess publishing, Susan Polgar provides a candid inside view of the lives of the Polgar sisters, each with their own goals and aspirations.

She takes readers through the incredible development of the three sisters as they pursued their dreams: becoming chess prodigies, growing into contenders, winning World titles and Olympiad gold medals, ending the Soviet dominance in women’s chess, breaking through the gender and age barriers, and generally revolutionizing the game.

Readers will also be privy to the thoughts and feelings the sisters experienced during major triumphs and disappointments, as Susan shares their most joyous moments and biggest heartbreaks. Another important issue covered is the strict but ultimately successful training techniques used by the Polgar sisters in their chess evolution.

Finally the chess public will have a chance to find out how the sisters really feel about these controversial methods of studying the game. This volume wouldn’t be complete without a marvelous compilation of the Polgar sister most stunning chess games, providing a move-by-move explanation of their best and most memorable encounters.

Published July 2005 format Hardcover, 325 pages

Author Biography: Susan Polgar

Susan Polgar is a genuine chess legend. The eldest of the three celebrated Polgar sisters, she’s a 4-time Women’s World Champion and a 5-time Olympic Champion. She created chess history and broke the gender barrier by becoming the first ever woman to earn the highest possible title of Grandmaster.

An accomplished chess teacher and an award-winning writer, Susan runs her own chess centre in Queens, New York ( She’s considered in the chess industry as the ‘pioneer in women’s chess’, an ambassador to the game and a true role model to millions of women and children.

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