IM Darwin Yang (who earned all his norms for IM title at the SPICE events) has just earned his 2nd GM norm at the NY International. 3 other players also earned IM norms.

GMs Gelashvili and Kacheishvili won the tournament with 7 / 9 points.

Congratulations to Darwin, the winners, and all norm earners!

Final standings (top finishers)

1 GM TAMAZ GELASHVILI 2600 W25 W50 D23 D4 W17 W22 D2 W9 D7 7.0 3750.00
2 GM GIORGI KACHEISHVILI 2598 W26 D5 W30 W8 W3 D9 D1 D6 W11 7.0 3750.00
3 GM MIKHEIL KEKELIDZE 2494 D33 W70 W16 W15 L2 W8 D12 D4 W19 6.5 1166.67
4 IM DARWIN YANG 2476 W44 W10 W17 D1 D7 D6 D11 D3 W13 6.5 1166.67 2nd GM Norm
5 FM VICTOR C SHEN 2333 W59 D2 W13 L6 D29 W47 W22 D7 W12 6.5 1166.67 Final IM Norm, 1st GM Norm
6 GM IVAN IVANISEVIC 2655 W52 L17 W27 W5 W10 D4 H— D2 D9 6.0
7 IM MARC TYLER ARNOLD 2528 W43 W21 D14 W24 D4 D12 D9 D5 D1 6.0
8 IM ZHE QUAN 2424 W34 W54 D11 L2 W14 L3 D20 W26 W27 6.0
9 FM THOMAS BARTELL 2369 W55 W62 D12 W23 W11 D2 D7 L1 D6 6.0 750.00 1st IM Norm
10 ADARSH JAYAKUMAR 2267 W36 L4 W35 W50 L6 W24 D17 W30 D14 6.0 750.00 2nd IM Norm
11 IM CONRAD HOLT 2515 W27 W18 D8 W29 L9 W30 D4 D12 L2 5.5
12 IM MACKENZIE MOLNER 2489 W28 W51 D9 D14 W54 D7 D3 D11 L5 5.5
13 GM VLADIMIR ROMANENKO 2466 H— W33 L5 H— W57 W21 D19 W31 L4 5.5
14 IM DEAN IPPOLITO 2432 W37 W60 D7 D12 L8 D25 W41 D17 D10 5.5
15 IM MICHAEL A MULYAR 2408 W38 D48 W67 L3 D43 W28 D26 L19 W31 5.5
16 IM COLOMBAN VITOUX 2395 W40 H— L3 H— L37 D39 W57 W43 X 5.5
17 FM ERIC S ROSEN 2353 W46 W6 L4 W41 L1 W37 D10 D14 D18 5.5
18 FM LOUIE JIANG 2327 W71 L11 L41 D42 D67 W23 W53 W33 D17 5.5
19 MICHAEL H BODEK 2324 D47 L42 W56 D40 W59 W54 D13 W15 L3 5.5
20 FM ALEKSANDR OSTROVSKIY 2322 L48 W38 L54 W46 D42 W35 D8 W41 D21 5.5
21 ROBERT PEREZ 2314 W66 L7 L47 W61 W48 L13 W54 W22 D20 5.5

Final standings here:

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