It is commonly known that the 40-year old Grandmaster Ben Finegold is Lady Gaga’s biggest fan on this planet. In a recent interview, he stated that her music and charm inspired him to earn his final GM norm at the 2009 SPICE Cup at Texas Tech University.

“I listened to her music before every round. This gave me so much energy and inspiration to go for the win in every game. I could not have done it without Lady Gaga. I owe everything to her. And to show my appreciation, I recorded a special song which I personally wrote for her.”, Ben said.

Lady Gaga was so moved when she heard the song that she immediately offered Ben the opportunity to sing a duet with her in an upcoming album to be released in January 2011. What is not known at the moment is if they will record the song Ben wrote or something else.

“His voice is somewhere between Josh Groban and Michael Buble. And he has the dance moves that would make Fred Astaire jealous. Our choreographer is considering the idea of putting him in one of her music videos.” said Tito, a spokesperson for Lady Gaga.

Stay tuned for the exclusive scoop and interview with Ben Finegold, the most famous 40-year old Grandmaster in the world. This is very exciting news.

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