Photos Spark Fear of ‘Borneo Monster’
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(Feb. 19) – Villagers in Borneo who have long believed that a legendary 100-foot-long snake called the Nabau trolls the Baleh River say recent photographs show that the beast has returned, The Daily Mail reports.

One of the photos showing a serpent-like figure was taken from a helicopter by a member of a disaster team monitoring flood regions, while a second was taken from a remote village. Critics, however, have called both photographs into question, reports.

Some have said the images appear to be altered with photo-editing software while others have suggested that the snake-like image is really a log or a wake left behind by a speedboat.

People who have studied the aerial photograph dismiss the latter allegations, saying that a log could not take that clear winding shape and that boats do not leave a twisting wake.

Villagers believe the legendary beast, the Nabau, had a dragon’s head, seven nostrils and could change its shape.

A 100-foot-long serpent may sound unbelievable, but just last month fossils found in Colombia revealed an ancient giant snake that stretched about 45 feet long and weighed more than 2,500 pounds.


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