Special thanks to Adolivio Capece (www.italiascacchistica.com) for sharing this with us.

Knowing your friendship with Bobby Fischer I hope to do something nice sending to you a small po
em dedicated to him. Albeit the English translation could not be optimized, I have tried to take inspiration from the “Spoon River Anthology” of Edgar Lee Masters, and to view Bobby as a charachter of this wonderful book.

Thanks for your attention and best regards

Dr. Alfredo Pasin, MD


I beseech you, do not confine me,
Bobby, the chass player,
the greatest one the world could ever know
to the only role
of alienated psychic paranoid.

This was indeed the truth:
I was a genius, an artist and a scientist;
a winner ruthless but chivalreous
a rare loser, somber but still stout;
a warrior artist
free from flattery and cheats,
a warrior still living
according to the laws of Samurai.

In that game, what I have sought at most
’twas Beauty, Harmony and Truth:
I raised it to almost boundless heights
but I never encountered
quiet and refreshment.

Maybe it was not Madness
to bring me away
from my human sufferings;
’twas rather the dark and icy wind
of Iceland
and of its melancholy.

Chess Daily News from Susan Polgar
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