Through the work of since May 2005, I have just been invited to join an expert-driven, mainstream group media network company to share with the world my lifelong passion: Chess!
The people behind this gigantic project had very high level experience and positions with Google, Yahoo, News Corp, Hulu, MSN,, NFL, etc.
In addition to the general chess news, book reviews, GM video lessons, GM game analysis, puzzle of the day, chess tips, photos, chess resources, and many more features, I am planning to add a new one: Parents’ Corner.
In this section, I invite parents (grandparents, siblings, and coaches, etc.) to share with other parents (grandparents, siblings, and coaches, etc.) about their chess experiences with their kids. It can be anything from tips for traveling to tournaments, how to find the right coaches, where to find tournaments, to how to deal with success and failures, etc.
Everything is available to all chess enthusiasts at no charge. I want to make chess big. This has been my goals for decades. Now I am hoping to bring it to the mainstream audience. If you are chess parents, coaches, grandparents, or siblings, and would like to contribute articles, please contact me at
You can contribute as frequent as one article a week, a month, a quarter, or a year. I just want to share as much information with the chess community as possible. I appreciate all contributions!
Thanks in advance for your support in this project 😀
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