New chess art exposition opened
11 June 2008 13:13 PM Last modified: 13:26

In the town of Druten, The Netherlands, you can enjoy a new chess art exposition, called “Global Chess”. The exposition will run until June 30 and involves pieces by fifteen Dutch artists who all include the game of chess in their art.

Just like last year, Geert van Tongeren and Margreet Wevers of the company Schaakkunst (Chess Art) have created an exposition with chess art, and chess art only. There are new pieces by artists Henryette Weijmar Schultz, Boldriaan, Jan Langendam, Karin Miedema, Berry and Anna Kool-Troost. For the first time, works by Tjerk Zijlstra can be seen.

Last Sunday the exposition was officially opened by IM Hans Böhm. In his speech, Böhm paid attention to the centuries-old relation between chess and art, to Jan Hein Donner, to Marcel Duchamp and, inevitable these days, to Bobby Fischer.

Böhm’s personal theory is that Fischer “didn’t go crazy because of chess, but only after he became world champion. And so we can conclude that chess kept him healthy!”

From a chess technical perspective, Böhm looked at the piece De Zwickmühle by Tjerk Zijlstra. This work was inspired by the chess term “seesaw” (on the left), a motive where the opponent is squeezed dry by taking material and giving checks every other move.

Here is the full article on Chessvibes.

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