The battle of the generations “Shchelkunchik-2014″ Chess Tournament is organized by the Russian Chess Federation, businessman Oleg Skvortsov and Chess Support Fund on 19-25th December 2014.

The Pre-New Year’s tournament will be held in Moscow Central Chess House to gather “Kings” and “Princes”.

The team of the “Kings” will consist of the experienced GM Peter Leko (2731), GM Alexander Morozevich (2724), GM Alexei Shirov (2691) and GM Alexey Dreev (2654), while their opponents the “Princes” prodigies GM Vladislav Artemiev (2666), GM Vladimir Fedoseev (2661), GM Daniil Dubov (2627) and GM Grigoriy Oparin (2552).

Everyone of the kings will have to play against each one of the princes one classical game (20-23rd December) and two rapid games (24-25th December). The tempo of play for the classical games will be 120 minutes for 40 moves plus 60 minutes for 20 moves plus 15 minutes for the rest of the games plus 30 seconds increment starting from move sixty-one, while the rapid games will be played with a time control 25′ + 10″.

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