Welcome! This site is where I provide chess fans and enthusiasts with updates on my activities & interests as well as important chess news from around the world. It is also a site where everyone can productively discuss or ask questions about various chess issues! Your contributions and comments are welcome!


There will be chess tips or fun puzzle everyday. Enjoy!

As I clearly stated above, my goal for this blog is to bring you CHESS NEWS from across the United States and around the world AS FAST AS POSSIBLE. I will also post any topic which I find interesting. It is like an updated online daily chess newspaper with many extras.

If you would like to contribute to the contents of this blog with news, pictures, stories and announcements from your areas, please feel free to send it to me.

It is also a forum which friends and colleagues from around the world can peacefully discuss and debate various issues. All negative and false posts as well as personal attacks will be deleted, especially if they come from anonymous posters. This blog will not become rec.games or the current USCF forum (USCF issues section).

You are more than welcome to disagree with me or other posters. However, do it in a polite, respectful and professional manner. All obnoxious posts or posts with profanity will also be deleted.

I am working hard to raise the level of respectability and professionalism in chess. It will start here! Thank you for your support and understanding.
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