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Bundesliga 2011/12

After winning a crucial super-match in Saturday’s Round 12 against their nearest rivals, the Baden-Baden team now has every chance of winning the Bundesliga title. The victory of Michael Adams, in a game which finished later than all the others in this match, was decisive.

Werder Bremen – Baden-Baden 3½-4½

Eljanov vs Anand ½-½
Efimenko vs Svidler ½-½
Fressinet vs Adams 0-1
McShane vs Shirov ½-½
Areshchenko vs Bacrot ½-½
Roiz vs Naiditsch ½-½
Nyback vs P.-H.Nielsen ½-½
Hammer vs Kasimdzhanov ½-½

Two Werder players, Eljanov and Nyback, spoiled big winning chances at some points. Though it can be added that in his complex game versus Pavel Eljanov the world champion Viswanathan Anand was first to spoil the advantage.

McShane and Shirov, who faced each other on Board 4, were among the main competitors in the Russian chess federation’s recent (controversial) poll where it was decided by Internet users which Grandmaster will get the final place in the Tal Memorial (June 2012).

McShane was proclaimed the winner.

Round 13 (of 15) will be played on Sunday.

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