Morozevich – Topalov

It seems like Morozevich is in good form. He has played well so far and he missed good chances to beat Leko yesterday. Mr. Excitement Topalov once again thrilled the fans with his all out, fearless, in your face style. He likes living on the edge. He likes danger. He likes heart stopping positions. However, Topalov has to be very careful against Morozevich today. This will be a tough game for Topalov. This is the one opponent that can play the same type of game against him.

Svidler – Leko

Leko seems to be unsure of himself in the first two rounds. He wants to play sharp. He wants to play safe. It’s a bird! It’s a plane! He better makes up his mind swiftly or his tournament will head south for the winter soon. Svidler on the other hand seems to be content with early dinner in the first two nights. I predict that this will be a draw with some minor fireworks.

J. Polgar – Kasimdzhanov

My sister has to do better with the openings today. She did her best to brilliantly save the game yesterday against Adams. But you cannot win being behind the eight ball every game. This is a game that she could win if she can get something out of the opening. Kasim has played well so far in the first two rounds. He won’t win this tournament but he will prove to the world that he can hold his own against the big boys and girl.

Anand – Adams

He’s good! He’s tenacious! He’s brilliant! He’s lucky and he’s sharing the lead after two rounds. What else can we say about Anand? He was my pre-tournament pick as the winner by a hair of this tournament. I have not changed my mind. Vishy is tough. He can attack. He can defend. He is solid. Mickey had the best chance to become a World Champion in the last knockout in Tripoli. Unfortunately, Kasim played the chess of his life and Adams’ nerve got the best of him. Mickey is an incredible player but he lacks that little extra to win this tournament. This is a game that favors Anand. The question is does Vishy have anything left after last night or will he play safe and be happy with a shorter draw to recuperate?

After the excitement from round 2, can round 3 matches the intensity and exhilaration of round 2? I hope so but I don’t think so.
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