This article was written by McAvoy Layne for the North Lake Tahoe Bonanza
October 6, 2006

…Another question that comes to mind is, “Are chess players smart, or are they just adept at calculating chess moves?”

I know my favorite sports quote of all time, assuming you consider chess to be a sport, comes from Soviet Grand Master Aaron Nimzovitch, “How could I lose to such an idiot!”

We all know what a singular genius Bobby Fischer was, dominating chess like no one before or since, but we also know how odd he was, and temperamental. He had the social graces of a banty rooster. So was he smart, or just good at chess?

A recent match in the world chess championship was delayed when a player from Bulgaria, Veselin Topalov, protested that his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Kramnik, was going to the bathroom too often. Topalov filed a written complaint, and World Chess Federation officials locked Kramnik’s bathroom door.

Kramnik was furious, and a little red in the face I would guess. But I suspect he didn’t have to go all that bad, because he sat down in a chair outside his bathroom door as a protest, and refused to play until time finally ran out and the match was forfeited.

Topalov figured Kramnik was cheating in the only area not monitored by surveillance cameras, and maybe he was, we’ll never know. But how undignified it was for a world chess match to be decided by a locked bathroom door.

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