In the past 24 hours, I received more than 1,000 emails, messages, and phone calls from friends and supporters about this article on chessville. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for showing that you care. I personally apologize if I gave anyone a scare. It was meant for good fun on April 1. Humor is needed from time to time and we all need to laugh and smile more 🙂

Here is the follow up by chessville.

While we tried to make it authentic, we did leave a bunch of clues such as:

– Pictures provided have been published before on my blogs or websites from previous events
– No official announcement from TTU, and many more…

However, there were some important facts in the article which will be officially announced soon. You have to play detective and pick out the real stuff. No, they are good news, not bad 🙂

We love SPICE. We love Texas Tech. We love Lubbock. We love the Knight Raiders. We love the people we work with. We are not quitting. We are not giving up on US chess. We are not quitters.

You have my word that my husband and I will continue to work hard day and night to bring positive changes for our game in spite of the massive road blocks. Thank you for your support. I believe that together we can overcome the racism, sexism and destructive politics to make a big difference for chess.

Special thanks to everyone who contributed to this prank! Happy April 1!

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