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Post by Robbie Kleinmuntz on ICA

Yesterday I was in a game that went past 40 moves, giving both my opponent and I about an hour and a half to play an endgame. I was down material and probably lost.

So I made a move, my opponent looked at it and walked away from the board. He was gone for at least 20 minutes – after 20 mins of waiting I left to go to the lobby to get lunch. I ate in the lobby (which was right outside the playing room) and was away from the board for 30 mins. I then returned to the playing room to see that my board was gone.

Some lady named Carol had apparently adjudicated my game as a loss and told my opponent he could wrap up his board and claim a win. She then directed me to Goichberg who told me he was not going to overrule one of his directors. I told him everything that had happened and he told me that there is a rule saying I am not allowed to leave the playing room for more than 15 minutes without telling a tournament director, so my game was indeed a forfeit. The lady told Goichberg that I was away from the board for 55 minutes, which is not true, and that they looked all over for me, which is also not true… because if they had looked for me they would have found me right outside the room. Nevertheless, I am pretty sure you have to wait at least an hour to claim a forfeit, not 55 minutes (if we are assuming she is right, which she isn’t).

When I told Goichberg that I had waited for my opponent for at least 20 minutes, he told me I should have complained… and since I didn’t complain, I withdrew all of my rights to make any argument.

This to me is outrageous. I had a score of 5.0/7 at the time and had a chance to win money. Sure I was down material and may have lost, but I also could have drawn or even won since I had mating material. It is unbelievable that at the World Open the tournament director would just end a game like that with all this money on the line, and not have any patience for me to come back. What is the big deal in my opponent waiting to win on time, why couldn’t he have just waited for me to flag?

It is also crazy to me that he would try and claim this win. Goichberg was unwilling to help, and simply walked away from me to end the conversation.

It was an arrogant move and absolutely disrespectful – especially when he’s advertising at every table that we should vote for him in the upcoming elections. I had GM’s coming up to me telling me that my game should obviously not be a forfeit. I also had Orrin Hudson try and settle for me down because Goichberg arrogance overcame everything that was happening around us and he and didn’t want to hear any of it from anyone.

He also told me he would be surprised if I found anyone who didn’t agree with him.

Please let me know if there is anything that can still be done, considering I lost rating points and a chance to win a lot of money due to an unjust forfeit.

Do not vote for a director who brags that he is better than other corrupt candidates, when he himself is one of the problems.

– Robbie Kleinmuntz

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