Annual SPICE changes
by Paul Truong

Last year, we had the biggest turn over as a program because 8 of our team members graduated. This year, we have 8 new students to fill the 8 vacant spots. We have limited scholarships available. Therefore, we cannot take in more students until someone graduates.

A number of our players will again graduate next year and as of right now, two 2600+ players have been accepted by SPICE to start in the Fall of 2017. We will announce their names once their Webster applications are officially approved. We also have a number of other very strong players pending.


As I mentioned before, at SPICE, we have a very strict structure. We look for students who are willing to work hard to excel both on and off the chess board. Discipline, hard work, dedication, and team work are some of the things we expect from our students every day.

Because of this, our students In the past 4 years have won 2 World Championships, Olympiad Gold, 4 World Open Titles & 40 National Titles! This is more than ALL other College Chess Programs combine!!

Many of them also excel off the chess board as professional opportunities await them after they graduate. At SPICE, failure is not an option, whether it is on, or off the chess board.


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