GM Andrey Vovk from Ukraine claims the 20th Cutro Open with 6,5/9 points, leaving the nearest follower half a point behind.

GM Sebastien Maze (France) is clear second with 6/9 points, while GM Vladimir Malaniuk (Ukraine) shares third place with GM Dragisa Blagojevic (Montenegro) and IM Matthias Roeder (Germany) with 5.5/9 points each.

Sebastiano Di Mauro is the winner of the National Open Section, while Valentina Crugliano tops the Under 16 Section.

The event took place from 23rd April to 1st May in Cutro, a town in Calabria region of Italy. The total prize fund was 7400 €.

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Master Section final standings (top finishers):

1 GM Vovk Andrey UKR (2610) 6.5
2 GM Burmakin Vladimir RUS (2561) 6.0
3 GM Maze Sebastien FRA (2536) 6.0
4 GM Malaniuk Vladimir P UKR (2554) 5.5
5 GM Blagojevic Dragisa MNE (2517) 5.5
6 IM Roeder Matthias GER (2419) 5.5
7 GM Lazic Miroljub SRB (2466) 5.0
8 GM Ninov Nikolai BUL (2462) 5.0
9 GM Naumkin Igor RUS (2450) 4.5
10 IM Mrdja Milan CRO (2378) 4.5

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