Anand was 14 seconds from winning game 7

There was a situation which could have made headline news at the start of game 7 between Anand and Carlsen. However, it is not widely reported.


At 2: 54:25 pm, Anand arrived at his chair. As usual, he is served tea by one of the hotel staff.

At 2:57:26 pm, Carlsen emerged from the backroom rest area.

At 2:57:32 pm, the players once again had a no look handshake. Carlsen then sat down, filled out his score sheet, then adjusted his pieces.

At 2:58:52 pm, Carlsen looked at the monitor for the starting time. It showed a 1 min 08 second remaining on the countdown clock. He decided to get up and went to the restroom.

The rule is if he is not seated before 3:00 pm, he would be forfeited. At this time, the chief arbiter nervously looked at the monitor and his watch. He confirmed to me that he was very nervous as he did not want to forfeit any player. However, he said that he would have no choice if Magnus is not seated timely.

At 2:59:37 pm, Carlsen once again emerged from the backroom area.

At 2:59:42 pm, Carlsen arrived to his chair, the second time. You can see the arbiter staring at the countdown clock.

At 2:59:46 pm, Carlsen sat down on his chair. He avoided the game 7 forfeit by 14 seconds!

All photos by Paul Truong

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