Here are some quotes from Anand after winning the Morelia/Linares super tournament:

Games: I think my second win against Carlsen was the most beautiful I played. Perhaps the most important was to save the half, well really point, against Leko in Morelia. First because Peter is a tough opponent and to beat Leko with black is going to help you in a tournament. Also it was the seventh game and I would have had five days to think about losing had it not gone well. So it was important not to lose that one and it gave me a good state of mind for the second half.

About my tough games, I got a half point from the second game with Svidler, I won against Morozevich, and both games with Ivanchuk were difficult. I fought hard for half points in many games. I think Ivanchuk was the one who pressured me the most. In both games with him I had many problems. I had problems in other games too, but the games with Ivanchuk were the ones that bothered me the most.

Magnus: I, like most, consider him a great talent. I think it’s almost impossible to believe he won’t be world champion some day. Although he still has weaknesses – like everyone, not just him – his performance here has demonstrated what we already suspected for a while now. And he might have finished in clear second. But others, like Morozevich – well two Morozevichs played in this event, one in Mexico and another here.

There are those who say you’ve always had talent to be world champion but for your pleasant and peaceful character you haven’t made it.

Well, I have done it. – Yes, but, for example the match with Kasparov. – No, I did it. I won the championship in Delhi. – Well okay, they say you are too nice a person… – Well, I don’t think that needs a reply! – (Another speaker interjects: “It’s better to be a good person than world champion.”)

You can read the full interview on courtesy of Mig Greengard.

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