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1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 g6 3. f3 c5 4. d5 d6 5. e4 Bg7 6. Ne2 O-O Another opening surprise.

The idea for white is to play for the center. The logical idea is to swing the knight from e2 to c3 and the other one to d2. Black on the other hand will try to break up the monopoly in the center with e6.

7. Nec3 Interestingly, both players are spending time early on, unlike in some previous games.

7…Nh5 With this move, black can potentially play e5 and eventually f5.

It seems that Gelfand’s team is doing a great job mixing things up to surprise Anand. It can serve as a boost for Gelfand’s confidence. On the other hand, never count out Anand. He is one of the biggest chess talents in chess history. He won’t give up this match without a big fight.

8. Bg5 A logical move to prevent e5, perhaps to provoke black to play h6 to chase the bishop away.

8…Bf6 An interesting idea, but I am not sure if it ideal.

9. Bxf6 exf6 Another surprise. Gelfand played it immediately with the idea of f5 coming up. GM Robert Fontaine: “Leko, Svidler & Nepo are pretty septical on 9.Bxf6…Looks already fine for black.”

10. Qd2 Another interesting choice by Anand. It is not ideal to me. Gelfand plays the King’s Indian for a long time. He is in his element now.

10…f5 11. exf5 They won’t play this because it’s crazy but worth taking a look: 11…Re8+ 12. Kf2 Bxf5 13. g4 Qh4+ 14. Kg1 Re1 15. Qf2 Qe7

11…Bxf5 This is now possible 12. g4 Qh4+ 13. Kd1 Bxb1 14. Rxb1 Nf6

12. g4 Anand has no choice but to play aggressively.

12…Re8+ 13. Kd1 Bxb1 14. Rxb1 Gelfand is thinking. He has to be careful as the position is very complicated.

14…Qf6 This is a blunder as his Queen will be trapped.

15. gxh5 Qxf3+ 16. Kc2 Qxh1 Gelfand clearly missed 17. Qf2 trapping his Queen. Gelfand now must sacrifice his Knight with 17…Nc6. But this is also losing.

17. Qf2 Gelfand in serious trouble now.

Unfortunately, Gelfand resigns as he may miss Nc6. Wow! Premature resignation. This is crazy!

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