Viswanathan Anand is close to winning the Grenke Baden-Baden Classic 2013. He won his last round game with black against Naiditsch, proving superb understanding of the game and dismantling his German opponent. There is no sign of blunder by Naiditsch, yet having the white pieces he ended up in a heavy position out of the blue.
Anand’s attack on the title started exactly against Naiditsch, where the Indian did not fall for a bluff and solidly refuted the attack to score a full point in round 5. In round 9 he roared again, defeating GM Fridman and getting equal with Fabiano Caruana. With today’s victory Anand secures at least first shared place.
Now Caruana is the only one who can catch up with Anand, his game against Fridman is still going on, you can follow it live here.
Chess Daily News from Susan Polgar
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