During the press conference, Anand said that he and his team found a new line against the Marshall against Aronian. However, there were 2 ways for Black to go and apparently, Anand’s camp felt that the second choice was not that strong so they went much further with the other one.

In the game, Aronian chose the line that Anand did not analyze. Aronian said that he was surprised by Anand’s novelty but since he knows the Marshall and its ideas quite well, he was not really concerned about it. He said if one understands the ideas, one can find the moves on the board.

Another person asked about Anand’s approach to tomorrow and the rest of the tournament with a lead. Anand’s response was he will play chess and whatever happens happens. He will play the board and not worry about the standings.

After the press conference, Anand had to be escorted to the elevator because the mob was too large. I asked his wife if she is used to this. She said yes but it is much worse in India because he is so big over there.

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