A priest to represent the Vatican State at the European Individual Chess 2010
Don Valerio Piro from Neapolis to represent the country
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For the first time in the history of FIDE and ECU, there will be a ‘priest’ to represent the Vatican State at the European Individual Chess Championship in Rijeka 2010. This is Don Valerio Piro, from Neapolis. He got the formal authorization to participate from Cardinal Sepe, who reports directly to the Pope.

Don Valerio is candidate master from the Italian Chess Federation. He is registered for Italy, but will play with the flag of Vaticano at EICC. This will happen unofficially, as the Vatican City is not yet affiliated to FIDE. There is an idea to organize a special ‘ecclesiastics’ championship for priests, friars, monks, nuns, and later on create a Chess Federation of the Vatican state with possibility to see them in Khanty Mansiysk 2010 or at the Chess Olympiad 2012.

Historically there are many priests who have been good chess players, among them Ruy Lopez (with a famous opening named after him) and William Lombardy, assistant of Bobby Fischer.

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Chessdom.com would like to thank Adolivio Capece, who first noted the news and the full news page at the most important ‘catholic’ newspaper, “Avvenire”.

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