There have been many heated debates about the MonRoi device. Some of the arguments have been to the points. Unfortunately, some are completely fabricated and off the mark.

This reminds me of the time when digital clocks just came out. The younger generation embraced it immediately. It took young players no time to learn how to use or set these digital clocks while the older generation looked at it as device from hell.

MonRoi is going through the same process right now. I have used it. I have seen it. I have inspected it. I believe this is the future of chess recording, especially with the younger generation. The only drawback that I see is the price. However, that is expected with any electronic gadget in the early phase.

Here is an interview with Brana Malobabic Giancristofaro, Chief Operating Officer and Founder of the MonRoi. It was conducted by Mr. Jerry Hanken, President of CJA. This is interview is published on Chess Life Online.

Jerry Hanken (JH): When did this idea for an electronic scoresheet first come to you?

Brana Malobabic-Giancristofaro (BMG): I played at the Canadian Open, in the summer of 2002, and I mixed up my score-sheet. Later on I wanted to reconstruct my game and show how I did, but I couldn’t because the score-sheet was illegible. I went to an arbiter and asked if I could use my PDA to record moves, and he said, “No, you would be cheating.” So, then I said, “Oh, it would be wonderful it there were a possibility to create a secure device that could be used for the recording of chess moves, so I could make a readable notation, and I could transfer it right away to a computer without spending hours typing it.”The arbiter said, “You are kidding, of course. You know, this would be very difficult to do, all the certifications, and all the laws of chess…”

JH: So it was actually a personal experience that brought you to look for this technology then?

BMG: Yes, it was. Of course, it would have been easier to improve my penmanship.

JH: Prior to this, you were in another kind of technical field – you told me something about your background in optics, am I right?

BMG: I used to work for Nortel Networks, a company that develops optical backbone switches, and voice and data high technology equipment.

Click here to read the entire interview on Chess Life Online.

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