This blog attracts readers worldwide. The above is the surprising chart of the top 20 countries by percentage of this blog. Readers from this blog come from more than 60 countries worldwide. Here are some of them, leading by the United States with 17%, followed closely by the UK with 16% and Canada with 11%.

Here is the list of some of the countries of the readers of this blog:

United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Portugal, Netherlands, Russia, Belgium, Ukraine, Hungary, Estonia, Spain, Finland, Bulgaria, Poland, Australia, Germany, Chile, Mexico, Armenia, Argentina, Israel, China, Azerbaijan, India, Czech Republic, Romania, Denmark, Sweden, Greece, Slovakia, Switzerland, Norway, Philippines, Turkey, Peru, Ireland, Singapore, New Zealand, Malaysia, Faroe Islands, Romania, Puerto Rico, Hong Kong, Malta, Egypt, Bosnia, Vietnam, Argentina, Japan, Costa Rica, Serbia, Italy, Cuba, UAE, Syria, Cuba, Ecuador, Barbados, Zambia, Mongolia, Luxembourg, Brasil, Colombia, Slovenia, South Africa, Taiwan, etc.
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