This is the critical position in round 4 at the World Cup between Carlsen and Bareev. Black’s position is basically hopeless. The right continuation would have been:

1. Qf7 Bd2 (1… Ra2+ 2. Qxa2 Nxa23. g7 +-) 2. Ka6 Ra2+ 3. Qxa2 Nxa2 4. g7 +-

Unfortunately, Carlsen played 1. Qf8+??? Kb7 2. Qf7+ Bc7+ 3. Qxc7+Kxc7 4. h5 Rg2 and White resigned.

If he would have won this won position, he would have been in the final 8. What a painful loss for a talented young man. Posted by Picasa

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