World’s Biggest Cave Discovered?
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(April 30) – A group of cavers exploring the Vietnamese jungle say they’ve come across the world’s biggest cave.

The massive passage, which measures 656 feet high and 492 feet wide, was found by a British-Vietnamese caving team this year in the country’s Nha-Ke Bang National Park, according to a report in The Sun newspaper.

The newly uncovered Hang Son Doong — or Mountain River Cave — appears to be almost twice as large as the current record holder, Malaysia’s Deer Cave, which is 328 feet high and 295 feet wide.

“It is a truly amazing sized cave and one of the most significant discoveries by a British caving team,” said Adam Spillane, a member of the 13-person expedition. The cave, according to Spillane, was originally located in 1991 by a local man named Ho Khanh.

“Khanh has been a guide for the team in many expeditions to the jungle to explore caves and this year he took a team to the cave which had never been entered before by anyone including local jungle men,” he said.

Go to The Sun to read more about the exciting discovery.

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