An amazing drama determined the winner of Stage 1b of the strongest computer championship TCEC.

Just a game before the end, Stockfish and Naum had equal point sharing first in the table. It was all going to boil down to the tiebreak SB score, and ironically, this depended on the game of Jazz, the last one of the standings rated just a little over 2000 ELO. In case of a win for Jazz against Tornado, Stockfish would be first on SB, in case of a draw SB would be equal, but Stockfish would be declared winner on more games with black, and in case of Tornado win the stage winner would be Naum.

As it turned to be, Tornado won the game and Naum was proclaimed winner of the stage. This dramatic moment will certainly remain in history and make any future Naum – Stockfish direct encounter a derby match.

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Third place is for the other 3000+ ELO engine in the field, Fire 3.1. It finished a full point behind Naum and Stockfish, and 1,5 points ahead of the rest.

The last minute ticket was for Spike and Shredder, thus making all 2900+ engines qualify and not allowing a single surprise at the group stage.

Right now starts Stage 1c, where finally you will be able to watch last season’s champion Komodo. Follow the TCEC Stage 1c games here.

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